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Sumbangan Buku Untuk K-link Care Center
Sumbangan Buku Untuk K-link Care Center

Welcome to K-Link Care Center

K-Link Care Centers are purpose built schools for children with special needs. They were established by PT. K-Link International due to its concern about the future of children with special needs. Currently, we have two schools: one in Indonesia and the other in Malaysia. We facilitate children with a variety of conditions such as Down’s Syndrome, Austism, Dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Cerebral Pulsy, Slow Learners and Developmental and Speech Delay, among others. With the range of educational and therapeutic services which we provide, our great hope is to optimize and develop the potential of each and every child we work with.

K-Link Care Center School

K-Link Care Center School hosts a range of activities and programs in order to develop students’ socializing skills and improve their independence. As well as teaching academic skills, we offer real life activities to support the students’ all-round growth:

Activity Daily Living Skill

We tutor students regarding the importance of self-reliance while developing their basic skills to make them more self-sufficient

Cooking Class

Provides students with the understanding of preparing simple meals and drinks to improve their autonomy life skills

Theraphy Programs

We improve their capabilities with a wide range of complementary therapies such as Sensory Integration, Behavior Therapy, etc

Art & Craft

We facilitate and encourage students to express themselves through various forms of arts and crafts activities

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Tips Mendidik dan Membesarkan Anak berkebutuhan khusus

Terkadang bagi sebagian orangtua, memiliki anak berkebutuhan khusus atau penyandang disabilitas membawa persoalan tersendiri khususnya dalam mendidik dan membesarkan mereka. Sebab, jika orang tua sedikit saja salah menerapkan…

Peletakkan Batu Pertama Sekolah K-Link Care Center

Anak berkebutuhan khusus (Heward) adalah anak dengan karakteristik khusus yang berbeda dengan anak pada umumnya tanpa selalu menunjukan pada ketidakmampuan mental, emosi atau fisik. Yang termasuk kedalam ABK…

Become Our Partner

Be a part of us. We provide excellent services and facilities as well as programs to support the development of all our students. Supported by professional teachers who cultivate their curiosity for learning and discovering new experiences. Educating children with love and affection, we are committed to continue to always be a significant part of their lives. We have two schools: one is located in Jakarta, Indonesia and the other in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For more info please visit our site or contact us via the telephone number listed on our website header.

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Upcoming Events & Parents Reviews

Upcoming Events

22 Maret 2017

LOCAL TRIP | Kunjungan Ke Kebun Marga Satwa

Event ini dilakukan untuk mengenalkan Anak-anak di K-Link Care Center kepada Lingkungan Satwa.

29 Maret 2017

Charity Bazaar at K-Link Tower -Jakarta

Event ini bertujuan untuk mengasah dan membentuk Jiwa wirausaha Anak-anak di KLCC.

03 April 2017

Shopping Lesson

Event ini bertujuan untuk melatih anak dalam kegiatan Jual-Beli di pasar Swalayan.

20 April 2017

Fun Swimming

Event ini melatih Gross Motor Anak-anak KLCC di dalam Air Melalui olahraga Renang.

25 April 2017

Table Manner

Event ini sangat berguna untuk membentuk pola sikap anak-anak ketika makan di tempat umum.

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